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Checkout Magento Extension: Supply Manager

This extension simplifies supply management. It allows Supply manager to have better overview and management of supply requests made by his employees.


Dragan Atanasov 19.05.2014 Magento PHP

Running TYPO3 CMS on HHVM (part2)

Next steps on making TYPO3 CMS unit tests suite green. Currently 95.57% tests are green.

Tymoteusz Motylewski 27.04.2014 HHVM TYPO3 PHP PHPUnit

Running TYPO3 CMS on HHVM (part1)

Try to run TYPO3 CMS test suite on HipHop Virtual Machine for PHP (HHVM)

Tymoteusz Motylewski 28.02.2014 HHVM PHP TYPO3