The first International Codesprint TYPO3 in Poland!

This is the first time when international codesprint Core Team TYPO3 will take place in Poland. 6-9.10.2016 is reserved not only for Core Team members, but also for TYPO3 Community in Poland. You have to be with us!

Why is it worth?

Codesprint (hackathon) is the kind of marathon of programming. This is the time when we can work on improving TYPO3 CMS. Codesprint is a good oportunity to develop your skills, exchange experience, meet new people who create TYPO3 and talk about the future of the product.

If you have never participated in codesprint…

Don't worry if you have never participated in improving TYPO3. We organise introductory workshops, we will talk about tools, code review, high quality and good practises. It will help you to implement your first change in TYPO3 and use knowledge in your own projects.

We would like to listen about your experience with TYPO3, what do you like and what would you like to improve. It is possible that, during the codesprint, we will take care about it together.

Where and when?

Codesprint will be held 6-9.10.2016, in Macopedia office (Matejki street, 46/3, Poznań). Participation in the event is free of charge. We provide accommodation and full board in the hotel for guests.

We are waiting for you!

Registration for the event: or via email:

Please enroll as soon as possible so that we can book a hotel for the appropriate number of people.