Second TYPO3 CMS Codesprint in Poznan
08.02.2014 TYPO3

Participants prepared 17 patches of which 10 have been already accepted and added to the new version of TYPO3 CMS 6.2, which soon become the new Long Term Support version. In addition, the group tested dozens of changes proposed by other developers.

The second edition of the Poznan Code Sprint had 13 participants. 7 people have sent a change proposal to the TYPO3 for the first time. 

We are pleased to announce that TYPO3 Core gained new developers :

  • Krystian Szymukowicz
  • Mateusz Wojtuła
  • Łukasz Jurys
  • Karol Lamparski
  • Jan Bartnik
  • Przemysław Krukowski
  • Michał Jankiewicz

We are also delighted that the work on our website ( moves forward.

Michał Szczesny and Krzysztof Adamczyk began work on the Vagrant machine preparation and on new templates.

We would like to thank our sponsors:

  • SourceBroker ( for pizza and drinks,
  • Tomasz Krawczyk for providing coffee and snacks
  • Macopedia ( for the organization and the office for the CodeSprint

We hope to start preparing for the next edition of the Poznan Code Sprint soon.