Our work really makes the difference
01.12.2015 Magento

Project fixed.
Client's deadlines and money saved.
Mission completed.

First things first - audit

When we taking over the project we didn't create from the very beginning, we have to do the audit in order to check the code structure and localize possible bugs and problems. Then we can take care of fixing the bugs or just create new code from the scratch. Need example? There you go. Below list of client’s problems and our solutions to them.

9 months delay

The main issue was the fact that instead of 4 months, project already took 12 months and still counting. That kind of delay is unacceptable in any business whatsoever, especially in IT world, because of great financial loss. Our work took only 16 hours and within this time we managed to verify the code, propose real solutions to the client and write the code all over again in order to fix all the problems.

33 000 products and import taking 72 hours

What we have experienced was product’s import taking 72 hours = 4320 min  (sic!)  After our intervention such imports lasted only 7 minutes! Additional issues were: completely wrong made front-end, bug with importing product's photos, lack of any kind of update mechanism, problems with memory.

Broken server  = website killed

Finally there was one last problem with killing the website. The reason was generating 33 000 additional data files which resulted in regular overloading the server. We managed solve this problem and speed up server's work over 20 times.

Diagnosis. Summary

In our work we often faced with a situation when clients, when it comes to choose the IT company, are guided mostly by the price. Now, that kind of approach is usually fatal and paradoxically leads to an increase the price of the entire investment. Why? Because most companies offering significantly lower prices than the competition very often don’t have the experience or sufficient resources to deliver the project. As a result, the client loses time, money and nerves and in the end has no choice but going to other company. It is important then to think long term from the beginning and carefully choose collaborators in significant projects. In the end, these projects are suppose to help grow our business, rather than causing additional problems.