Odoo 8 has just been released!

In the new version of Odoo business owners can find all the solutions and tools needed to run their business in one place. Moreover Odoo 8 cuts down on the time wasted due to compatibility problems experienced when using different software made by various companies. It is about integration altogether.

New Odoo is faster, easier to use and configure. Contains new website builder and CMS, new apps, the frontend to every app and some other technical improvements. New features include also improved front office and delivers better overall user experience. Building stunning websites has never been easier using new version of Odoo Website Builder, brand new CMS which is easy to use, mobile friendly, SEO friendly and fully integrated with other apps. No other product from OpenERP allows such a level of integration. This is the main reason why the name was changed to Odoo.

If you want to learn more about new Odoo version check out this video 

You can also try Odoo 8 online without registration here 

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