Magento 2 product import made EASY with Magmi
29.09.2016 Magento performance

Efficient data imports

One of the most common tasks in development of the Magento projects is product data import. For Magento v1 there are variety of tools available. One of the fastest and easier to use is "Magmi the Magento Mass Importer". Magmi can import thousands of products from an easy to understand CSV file in a few seconds. Moreover the CSV file can be easily edited in tools like MS Excel or LibreOffice Calc. And the best part: "Magmi" is an OpenSource project, free to use.


Unfortunately Magmi was only compatible with Magento 1 and there were no other tool available which can provide similar speed.

For our recent Magento 2 project we were in need to import tons of data. We've first tried with Magento build in importer, but it was slower and the import files were much more complicated than what we know from Magmi.

Bring Magmi to Magento 2 world!

Because of that we've decided to adapt Magmi to work with Magento 2.1.x database structure. We've saw that there were already first attempts on Github to make Magmi compatible with M2. Especially worth mentioning are (tagesjump/magmi-m2 and pushnov-i/magmi-m2). We've used them as a base for further fixing and tuning.

As a result we've managed to provide Magmi for Magento 2 which is capable of:

  • importing simple products and their attributes
  • importing configurable products and simple products association
  • importing categories
  • importing product images
  • generating products url on the fly using Magmi "On the fly indexer"

How to get it?

Of course we've published the code on our Github account. Just go there pick the "magento2" branch.

Here is the list of Magmi plugins we've tested so far:

  • On the fly category creator/importer
  • On the fly indexer
  • Configurable Item processor
  • Image attributes processor

Let us know how do you like it!