Designing Content First


What was First? The Egg or the Hen?

Let’s make something straight:
Without a good content website is pointless, even if it has a nice design. Content is why users visit your site. Deal with it.

Yeah, yeah. I can hear your indignant voices and I know that nowadays graphic design is very important, that we live in a picture era and everyone is judging everything by its cover BUT let’s not forget the most important thing… The most important is the information and content on your website because that is the reason why people want to visit it among others pages in the Internet. If that is true, then why the clients usually tend to postpone work on the content? Why they cannot see the power of a content first method?

What is Content First Method?

Simply speaking, content first is when content comes before every other aspects in project management. It is a very nice way to avoid unpleasant surprises and speed up the workflow. Many misunderstandings are the result of a lack of content in the graphic designing process. Obviously, it is easier to design a layout based on final texts rather than gap fillers. About that…

Say no to Lorem Ipsum

If you don’t have good idea of what you want to present on your website, don’t delude yourself that a layout will help. In the opposite, it can only disturb you because of all these lorem ipsum sentences everywhere. It is also very risky to leave the content issue in the end. Think of all the wrong elements, too short paragraphs, corrections etc. Real nightmare, isn't it? Of course you can change the texts in your CMS but wouldn't it be easier to create all the content and then only review the project? The answer seems to be clear.

The Essence

Designing content first is about gathering your client’s assets and laying them out within the design in order of importance, optimising the content for a web audience and ensuring that everything the client wants to get across to their users is consistent across all devices. In content first method client’s participation is inevitable. You can consider this fact as an issue but actually it can be a real asset. First of all, thanks to content first method you will be more efficient and cut time on your projects, which is a true business value. Second of all, projects will meet all the deadlines and also the budget so the client will be satisfied. Finally, in case of lack of time you can always ask professional copywriter for help.

What is your opinion about designing content first?
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