Communication problem? Don’t worry. There is Slack
17.06.2015 TYPO3

What's all the fuss?

Communication between people is a key issue when it comes to effective cooperation and success story. Chaos can easily slow down all your efforts as well as discourage you from trying. You may have think you have everything under control but is this really the truth? Don’t you have more than one email box, intranet communicator, cloud for storing all the files and few others solutions? You can manage all these communicators, but is it really worth it?

Introducing Slack

There is a revolution in a communication recently came on the market - Slack. This communicator combine every function you can only name so you have full control over your communication. Impossible? Actually nope. See for yourself what Slack can do for you...

1. Slack saves your time.
2. Slack is always synchronized with you on every device in every second.
3. Slack has integration with all your portals and services (Twitter, Dropbox, Asana, Trello, GitHub & Google Drive and many others). You have everything in one place.
4. Slack can show you full history of your actions and offers search engine for all channels and conversations. You will never forget anything again.
5. Slack speeds up your work and makes it easier and nicer.
6. Slack offers you transparency so you don’t have to arrange unnecessary meetings.
7. Slack cares about your privacy and is also very friendly to public channels.
8. Slack is irresistible, if you once try it!

Slack & TYPO3

The TYPO3 CMS team is also using Slack to openly communicate with each other and with the public. "Slack" replaces old "Skype meetings" in a more open, inviting and modern environment with easier connection within the teams.

If you want to join TYPO3 Slack team, please register at Then join and our channel #typo3-cms.

Other channels related with TYPO3:

#typo3-cms-coredev - about TYPO3 development,
#typo3-cms - discussion and mutual help channel for users and developers,
#cig-architecture - discussion about architecture of application,
#random - chit-chat,
#workspaces - discussion and support in workspaces issues,
#cig-extbase - Extbase plugins development

and many, many others.

For Neos and Flow there is similar but separate Slack:

See you on Slack!

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