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19.05.2014 Magento PHP

This extension simplifies supply management. It allows Supply manager to have better overview and management of supply requests made by his employees.

The problem:

You are a Supply manager for your company and once in a while you need to order supplies that your employees need. To do this you need to find all products that your employees request you need to:

  1. Dig into emails, pinboards, notes, …
  2. Sort products by employee
  3. Combine this list with previous list products that you didn’t order
  4. Filter the essential products that you will order
  5. Find and add to cart the products in webshop
  6. Order
  7. Try to keep track which products was for which employee
  8. Try to keep track products you didn’t ordered but still needed

The solution:

  1. Review products that your employees need sorted by employee
  2. Select which products you want to add to cart
  3. One click add to cart
  4. Order

With Macopedia Supply Manager you can easily manage supply requests, order and track ordered products for your employees.


Supply requests are managed using built in Magento customer wishlist.
Magento customer can be:

  • Supply manager
  • Employee

Supply Manager ⇔ Employee attachment:

The Supply manager can attach employees using to his account using their emails and manage their supply requests. Employees also can attach supply managers using their emails to their account. When supply manager/employee attach someone on their account, the other side must approve the attachment, for example: If supply manager adds employee, the employee must approve the attachment before his supply manager can see his wishlist and vice versa.

View and manage employees
View Employees

After Supply manager and Employee will approve their attachment, Supply manager can see and manage employee wishlist.

Employee wishlists
Employee wishlists

Supply requests:

Employees can make supply requests by simply adding desired product to wishlist and later their supply manager can decide what to order from the list.
When supply manager adds product from employee wishlist to cart, the product is removed from employee wishlist and product in cart is tagged with information about the employee who requested the item for later tracking.

Supply manager cart with "Requested by" tag on the cart item


  • connection employee ⇔ supply manager with approval process,
  • extra tab in My account to manage employees,
  • additional information in my account dashboard about supply managers,
  • e-mail notifications (supply manager/employee approval, invite employee to register),
  • customizable emails from Magento backend -> transactional emails,
  • show list of product request from employees,
  • move item from employee wishlist to cart (all kinds of products),
  • delete item from employee wishlist,
  • added field "supply manager email" to registration form,
  • supply manager can track who requested the ordered item,
  • additional information in order/invoice/email who requested the product


  • Company

    • Easy supply management and tracking who ordered the item

  • Employee

    • Easy supply requesting, configure the product exactly as needed

  • Store owner

    • Customers can generate more customers


You can check our extension on the demo store:*

Pre-created Employee users:

  • username: | password: password
  • username: | password: password
  • username: | password: password
  •     ...
  • username: | password: password

Pre-created Supply manager users:

  • username: | password: password
  • username: | password: password
  • username: | password: password

Magento support user:

Magento admin link:
username: support | password: password

*Note: Demo store database is refreshed every 3 hours.


Currently under review process, soon you will be available to download it for free from Magento Connect.
This extension is free and open source, you can grab it on GitHub.


If you have any issues with this extension, open an issue on GitHub.