10th International TYPO3 Conference in Berlin
17.10.2014 TYPO3

08.10. - Business Day

The conference was opened by Kasper Skårhøj - the founder of TYPO3. It was great experience to heard out his speech. He pointed out on the important motto that should works for everybody - “Discover your passion, Discover your purpose”. You can watch Kasper's presentation here

The other presentations on the first day:

1. Anyone who embraces responsive webdesign is stupid (Ric van Westhreenen)

2. Video moves business – converting browsers to buyers with the power of video marketing (Cassandra Zuffante) VIDEO

3. International & Regional: BIBUS TYPO3 CMS / Cefetra / Famly.dk (Patrick Daxboeck, Rogier Hosman, Henrik Møller Rasmussen)

4. Next level e-commerce (Norbert Sendetzky, Ingo Schmitt, Jan Halfar, Frederik Löffert)

5. Innovate Like You Mean It (Clemens Prerovsky) VIDEO

6. Build digital relationships with TYPO3 Neos (Rasmus Skjoldan) VIDEO / SLIDES

7. TYPO3 Community And Your Business (Christian Müller, Gina Steiner) VIDEO

8. We are doing it wrong (Robert Weißgraeber) VIDEO / SLIDES

9. Technic & Business (Aske Ertmann, Ingo Schmitt, Sebastian Spill)

10. More than e-commerce (Alexander Kappler, Björn Maximilian Gottowik, Christopher Hlubek)

09.10. - Future Day

The second day was dedicated to the future. It was opened by Morton Gade with lecture titled “We need a Content Facilitation System”.

The other presentations during that day:

1. Sourcing TYPO3 Skills Trends 2014 (Dominik Stankowski, Jon Bowers) VIDEO

2. Unleading a company as a new way to organize it (Jürgen Egeling) VIDEO

3. A love affair: CMIS & TYPO3 CMS (Olivier Dobberkau) VIDEO

4. Web developement. past, present, future (Christian Müller)

5. Approaches for automated migrations from TYPO3 CMS to TYPO3 Flow and Neos (Martin Helmich) VIDEO

6. TYPO3 CMS in the Microsoft Azure Cloud (Johannes Goslar) VIDEO

7. Storytelling, Storyselling: Weaving Content Into Commerce (Timour Chafik)

8. PHP and Go – a success story (Frederik Löffert, Jan Halfar) VIDEO

9. Why needs CMS a fundamental shift? (Alain Veuve) VIDEO

10. iBeacon – Using TYPO3 to manage iBeacon Sensor Grids and App Content (Mirko Ross) VIDEO

11. Buy or develop: in-house development compared to remote services. (Hans Höchtl) VIDEO

12. The Future of TYPO3: One Brand – Two Products – Multiple Platforms? (Markus Timtner) VIDEO

13. Working with Atomic Design (Berit Hlubek) VIDEO / SLIDES

14. Multi Language Websites with NEOS (Robert Lemke) VIDEO

15. What’s next for TYPO3 CMS? (Benni Mack) VIDEO

16. Indoctrinatr – A document generation service for PDF documents (Soren Schaffstein) VIDEO

17. User management and fine grained permission control for TYPO3 Neos (Andreas Förthner) VIDEO

18. Neos – Past, Present and Future (Robert Lemke) VIDEO / SLIDES

Among many the most interesting issue for us were these about new CMS - TYPO3 Neos. After all presentations attendees could relax and get to know eachother better during great party!

10.10. - Knowledge Day

The third and the last day started from Viktor Mayer-Schönberger's inspiring speech “Beyond the Hype: The Role of Big Data in a Digital Future”. It was an excellent summary of the conference.

The other presentations during this last day:

1. Inspired to Share: A Personal Journey (Michael Lihs, Jon Bowers) VIDEO

2. Mink / Behat: Automated tests for complex web solutions (Irene Höppner) VIDEO

3. TYPO3 Sales and Presentation (Christian Händel)

4. Play To Innovate (Ben van ‘t Ende) VIDEO

5. A/B testing your TYPO3 website (Mauro Lorenzutti)

6. Strategies for selling NEOS Projects to your clients – without losing your safe revenue and profit (Robert Lemke, Sven Ditz)

7. The Development Process Of Your First Neos Project (Aske Ertmann) SLIDES

8. TYPO3 for Universities (Doris Leonhardt, Martin Huber) SLIDES

9. How to use Agile – always (Christoph Lüthy, Dominik Stankowski)

10. T3DUST – Distributions, Usability Solutions and Themes for TYPO3 (Jo Hasenau, Petra Hasenau) VIDEO

11. Responsive Webdesign – as easy as it sounds (Sven Wolfermann) VIDEO / SLIDES

12. Top 10: How to spoil the efficiency of your developer team – and how to pimp it! (Peter Pröll) VIDEO

13. Node Kingdom, playing with content structure, the Lego way (Karsten Dambekalns)

14. World Cafe Results (Volker Graumbaum) VIDEO


It has been 10 years now since the biggest TYPO3 conference is evolving. The main object of its interest is business issue but it also affects on relationship inside the community and gives a lot of inspiration for all TYPO3 enthusiasts.

We want to thank the organizers for the effort and determination to prepare this conference. It was definately worth it to be there with you!
See you next year in Amsterdam!