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II TYPO3Camp Poland in November!

TYPO3Camp Poland is coming and it is taking place in Poznań...

Running TYPO3 CMS on HHVM (part2)

Next steps on making TYPO3 CMS unit tests suite green. Currently 95.57% tests are green.

Firefox bug - JS setAttributeNS() results in wrong outerHTML

While writing selenium tests for the TYPO3 CMS backend I found out some strange behaviour in how Firefox handles JavaScript method setAttributeNS

23.03.2014 TYPO3

Running TYPO3 CMS on HHVM (part1)

Try to run TYPO3 CMS test suite on HipHop Virtual Machine for PHP (HHVM)

Second TYPO3 CMS Codesprint in Poznan

Participants prepared 17 patches of which 10 have been already accepted and added to the new version of TYPO3 CMS 6.2, which soon become the new Long...

08.02.2014 TYPO3

TYPO3Camp in Poland

Firts international TYPO3 conference in Poland TYPO3 Camp took place last weekend.

20.10.2013 TYPO3