After Meet Magento

As every year, we took part in the Meet Magento event, this time in the attractive location of Old Zajezdnia in Cracow. Meet Magento is a series of international conferences focused on e-commerce and development of the Magento platform.

Malwina Siegień 22.09.2017

Magento 2 product import made EASY with Magmi

Importing product data to Magento 2 has become easier than ever before. Macopedia Team has ported the well known mass import tool "Magmi" to support Magento 2.


The first International Codesprint TYPO3 in Poland!

This is the first time when international codesprint Core Team TYPO3 will take place in Poland. 6-9.10.2016 is reserved not only for Core Team members, but also for TYPO3 Community in Poland. You have to be with us!

Agnieszka Ślęzak 24.05.2016

SCRUM. What's in it for you?

In our work we went through a lot of different paths and based on acquired experience, we can present the best possible way to manage projects. In our opinion, of course...

Agata Jaworska 24.02.2016

Timetable 2016. Not only for TYPO3 Community

Let's take a look what's new in TYPO3 Community...

Agata Jaworska 25.01.2016 TYPO3 Community

Our work really makes the difference

Project fixed. Client's deadlines and money saved. Mission completed. But first thing first...

Agata Jaworska 01.12.2015 Magento

What you have to know about ACME and T3DD 2015

Next week will be very busy and inspiring week in TYPO3 Community...

Agata Jaworska 10.07.2015 TYPO3

Release of EXT:page_speed

TYPO3 Community has just released a new extension called page_speed...

Agata Jaworska 03.07.2015 TYPO3

TYPO3 CMS 7.3 - More Stability, More Control

Since the release of TYPO3 CMS 7.2 back in April, the team focussed on certain topics under the hood to make the code base simpler and easier to maintain. See for yourself!

Agata Jaworska 24.06.2015 TYPO3

Communication problem? Don’t worry. There is Slack

The newest tool to make your team communication better, faster and easier...

Agata Jaworska 17.06.2015 TYPO3 Community